Gate 88


We are used to large games of hundreds of megabytes, with photorealistic images and 5.1 sound, but all this is what we will find in Gate 88 and, without a doubt, it is a fantastic and highly addictive game.

At first, it is difficult to adapt to the game and what is possibly more difficult is that everything is controlled by keys and years ago we got used to the invaluable help of the mouse in this type of game.

The language also works against us but, by dedicating a few minutes to the tutorial, we will be able to quickly learn to enjoy a game that has put aside the graphic aspect and has opted for great playability.

It also offers various interesting possibilities such as chatting with other players even during our game, two types of tutorials (one short and the other long) and, of course, online play. The main thing is to create our base, add factories to obtain raw material (the gold of strategy games), research laboratories, and from here endless possibilities to become strong: create turrets, improve your ship with new weapons technologies, armor, mechanics, expand your radar, shield batteries, cannons , bombs, ships, etc.

You have every chance to succeed, now everything depends on your abilities to resist and conquer space.

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