Plant vs Zombies


Plants Vs Zombies is a great game, with very successful graphics and music that will make you immerse yourself in the game and stay hooked for a long time in front of the screen, defending your house from these friendly but dangerous undead.

A horde of zombies is invading your home and your mission is to stop it, but forget about using a complete arsenal of weapons, the only weapons you can use are plants, yes, highly destructive.

Plants Vs. Zombies is a typical tower defense game, in this case the place to defend is your house and the attackers are cartoonish-looking zombies. More than 26 types of zombies, you will see them dressed with poles, with zinc buckets and construction cones for hats, reading the newspaper, athletes… and to defend yourself against them, you will have to plant 49 types of plants among which you will find mushrooms , carnivorous, explosive, slow shooting, double shot… Ah! and of course the sunflowers, essential to increase the production of suns, which are the ones that will allow you to sow plants at a higher speed.

Select the plants that best suit you depending on the hordes of zombies that are about to arrive. In each game we will be able to use up to 6 different types of plants, each time we pass a level we will get a new plant to face the next attack. From time to time your crazy neighbor will pay you a visit and offer you some advice on attacking enemies.

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