Shröminger Katt


Shröminger Katt’s control system is simple: you will use the WASD keys to control the protagonist while you see how he moves from a fixed camera in the corner of the experiment room. If you press the E key, you will interact with some objects on the stage to be able to solve puzzles and activate the circuit that you will go through controlling the marble. When handling the ball, you will only have to press to the right or to the left to avoid the obstacles on the route and not fall into the void.

Shröminger Katt is a puzzle game developed by students from EVAD Formación (School of Video Games and Digital Art) for the 2022 Global Game Jam. Download this game if you like puzzles and want to learn about the work of future professionals in the video game industry Spanish.

In Shröminger Katt, you will control the cat Catto, who is trapped in Shröminger’s experiment from which he must escape. The peculiarity of this feline is that he can alternate between life and death. In this way, when he is lifeless, you will control a marble possessed by the animal. Said marble will go through different ramps and paths that you must activate while the cat is alive. Also, you will have to complete some pieces that you will find on the map.

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