Stumble Guys (GameLoop)


Stumble Guys (GameLoop) is a charming multiplayer video game with fun gameplay and a very nice visual design where we will face other players to achieve victory. This title is considered a clone of Fall Guys.

Stumble Guys (GameLoop)  (GameLoop) is a fun video game where we will have to compete against other players and test our skills (or rather our luck) in this adaptation of Takeshi’s Castle. Each game consists of different tests in which we must stand out in the top positions to reach the final levels. To do this, we will have to overcome different obstacles that we will find in our race towards the goal, always in a fun way. Giant snowballs, platforms that fall to the ground, bars that hit, in Stumble Guys (GameLoop), we will find it very difficult to reach the end, but we will have a good time.


The control system of Stumble Guys (GameLoop) is simple, since it has controls for all types of audiences: we will move using the joystick towards the direction that we prefer and pressing the jump button that will help us overcome obstacles and continue advancing with momentum while being in the air. Thanks to the colorful artistic design that Stumble Guys (GameLoop) has and the various avatars that we can use, the gaming experience will lead us to rewarding moments with our friends. The skins of the characters can be unlocked by paying with the gold that is obtained by playing.

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