Team Fortress Arcade


Team Fortress Arcade is divided into a series of levels that represent mythical settings from the original Team Fortress 2. For example, in one of them, we will have to escort the wagon through the mines, while in another, we will have to go around the shipyard shooting robots without stopping.

Team Fortress Arcade is a retro-style arcade shooter that manages to mix all the fun of Valve’s great game with the aesthetics and vintage flavor of traditional arcade game

Team Fortress Arcade is a retro-style 2D action game, directly inspired by the characters and game modes of Valve’s great title Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress Arcade is designed so that you can play as

four players on the same computer. On the title screen of the game, all we have to do is press the jump button corresponding to each player who wants to participate, and we can start the party.

The sniper, the doctor, the ‘scout’, the ‘heavy’, demoman, the spy… there are all the characters in Team Fortress 2, and each of them has their own weapons and special attacks. In other words, playing with any of them will be totally different from playing with another.

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